Public Officials

Kate SearsMarin County Supervisor, District 3
Judge Faye D’Opal Judge of the Marin County Superior Court (ret.)
Judge Douglas M. Moore, Jr. Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court (ret.)
Stephanie Moulton-PetersMill Valley City Councilmember, current Vice-Mayor, frmr. Mayor
Jessica Jackson SloanMill Valley Mayor
Kathleen Foote Fmr. Mill Valley Mayor
Clifford WaldeckFmr. Mill Valley Mayor
Anne Solem Fmr. Mill Valley Mayor
Joe BurnsSausalito City Councilmember
Jeff Slavitz Fmr. Tiburon Mayor
Paul Smith Fmr. Tiburon Mayor
Marty WinterBelvedere Mayor
Ann MorrisonLarkspur City Councilmember, frmr. Mayor
Dan HillmerLarkspur Citycouncilmember, current Vice-Mayor, frmr. Mayor
Kevin HaroffLarkspur Mayor
Catherine WayLarkspur City Councilmember, frmr. Mayor
Len RifkindLarkspur City Councilmember, frmr. Mayor
Bob RavasioCorte Madera Councilmember, frmr. Mayor
Ford GreeneSan Anselmo Councilmember, frmr. Mayor
Josh FrydayNovato City Councilmember
Eric LucanNovato City Councilmember, frmr. Mayor
Ray WithySausalito City Councilmember, Former Mayor
Elizabeth BrekhusRoss Town Councilmember
Kathleen HoertkornRoss Town Councilmember
Dennis ScreminMarin Parks & Open Space Commissioner, Fmr. Sausalito Mayor
Cynthia KoehlerMarin Municipal Water District Board of Directors
Michael BoorsteinRoss Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors
Cathryn HilliardSouthern Marin Fire Protection District Board of Directors
Steffen BartschatTamalpais Community Services District Board of Directors, Board President
Jim JacobsTamalpais Community Services District Board of Directors
Steven LevineTamalpais Community Services District Board of Directors, Board Vice-President
Jeff BrownTamalpais Community Services District Board of Directors
Leslie LundgrenTamalpais Union High School District Trustee
Greg KnellVice President, San Rafael School District Board of Trustees
Susan Cleveland-KnowlesSausalito Planning Commissioner, Board Chair
Tom WeathersSan Rafael Fire Commission
Joan LisetorFmr. Marin County Board of Education
Lateefah SimonBART Board of Directors

Community Leaders, Friends, and Neighbors

I met Anna years ago. Her commitment to the Marin community and her professional field as well as her family has not flailed – she is inspirational. Anna has the vision, passion, and energy to be an amazing leader overall but specifically to lead the prosecution of criminal offenses for Marin County. I fully support her becoming our next District Attorney.

–Monica Martinez

  • Don Carney, Executive Director, Marin County Youth Court*
  • Denise Lucy, Dominican University Professor of Business and Organizational Studies, Founder and ED of the Institute for Leadership Studies*
  • Linda Tavaszi, CEO, Marin Community Clinics*
  • Helen Russell, Co-Founder and CEO, Equator Coffees & Teas Inc.*
  • Karen Behnke
  • Mary O’Mara, Co-Founder and Executive Director, MarinLink*
  • Kris Cirby, Executive Director, Family and Children’s Law Center *
  • Tiffany Shlain
  • Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez, Executive Director, California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls*
  • Florence Williams, Marin City Community Development Corporation Board of Directors*
  • Terrie Green
  • Ricardo Moncrief
  • Michael Taub, Marin City Community Development Corporation Board of Directors, Board President*
  • Juanita Edwards, Restorative Justice Coordinator, Marin County Youth Court*
  • Elaine and Bill Petrocelli
  • Judi Shils
  • Arthur Wachtel
  • Matt White, Fmr. President, Marin County Bar Association
  • Larry Strick, Fmr. President, Marin County Bar Association
  • Mary McClain, Fmr. President, Marin County Bar Association
  • Ahtossa Fullerton
  • Trish Medina
  • Karen Carrera
  • Andrew M. Wolfe
  • William F. Johnson
  • Steve Silberstein
  • Linda and John Gruber
  • Nonie Greene
  • Vickie Mavromihalis
  • Joannie Dea and Lionel Conacher
  • Stephen and Beth Sutro
  • Lisa and John Martin
  • Jon and Gale Love
  • Tammy Edmonson
  • Leslie Alden
  • Berta Segall McDonell
  • Pamela and Chris Damsen
  • Kim Rago
  • Deborah and Jonathan Goldman
  • Grace Kraaijvanger
  • Heather Young and Chris Kearney
  • Jackie and Ken Broad
  • Mikelynn Leverte
  • Genoveva and David La Placa
  • Amanda Stephens
  • Toussaint Bailey
  • Tiffany Sams
  • Margot Biehle
  • Gina Vucci
  • Susan Kan Whitaker and John Whitaker
  • Therese Lawless
  • James Sturdevant
  • Tim Emanuels
  • Kathy Williams
  • Christian Martinez
  • Gina Fromer
  • Jacqueline Janssen
  • Amanda Grey
  • Emily Knoles
  • Keiko Ehret
  • Catherine Hargrave
  • Crystal Martinez
  • Marcia McLean
  • Isabelle Gillis
  • Diane Krantz
  • Jenny Oppenheimer
  • Dana Pepp
  • Carolyn Revelle
  • Marcia Smolens
  • Susan Kolb
  • Lynn Blankfort
  • Hartley and Colin West
  • Josh Felser
  • Noah Block
  • Jasmine Davaloo
  • Allison and Michael Delman
  • Ora Hatheway
  • Ron Birnbaum
  • Susan Bolle

* Organizations listed for identification only; does not imply organizational endorsement

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