Anna Pletcher is a former federal prosecutor and law professor at UC Berkeley and UC Hastings. The daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants and first in her family to attend college, Anna graduated from Yale College and Berkeley Law. Anna lives in Mill Valley with her husband of 20 years and her three children, who attend Marin public schools.

Anna is running for District Attorney to bring a smarter approach to solving Marin’s toughest challenges. The only candidate with management experience, Anna will efficiently and effectively manage an $18 million budget and 80 employees.

  • Former federal prosecutor and Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Major Crimes unit in San Francisco prosecuting violent and white-collar crimes for 10 years.
  • Managed  25 attorneys as Assistant Chief in the United States Department of Justice and worked closely with the FBI and California Attorney General’s office.
  • Took on corrupt real estate investors and won $6 million for victims of home foreclosure fraud and bid rigging.
  • Community leader serving as Chair of the Marin Women’s Commission and helped launch the Marin County Coalition to End Human Trafficking.


Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018

Anna served as a federal prosecutor for ten years fighting white collar crime. As a Trial Attorney for the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division, she investigated and prosecuted a variety of complex cases, including price fixing, bid rigging, market manipulation, fraud, and money laundering. Anna also served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Major Crimes unit in San Francisco, California. Anna received the Assistant Attorney General’s Award in 2014, 2011, and 2007 for her outstanding work as a prosecutor.

Before joining the United States Department of Justice, Anna clerked for the Honorable Douglas P. Woodlock, a United States District Court Judge in Boston, Massachusetts.  Anna graduated from Berkeley Law with Order of the Coif Honors and was a member of the California Law Review.  She earned a BA degree from Yale College, graduating with distinction in Economics.


As part of the President’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, Anna led an investigation into bid rigging and fraud at home foreclosure auctions in San Joaquin County, California.  Eleven real estate investors pleaded guilty.  They were ordered to pay over $6 million in fines and restitution, and seven were sentenced to prison terms.  Anna led the trial team that convicted two additional real estate investors of rigging bids on foreclosed homes.

Working jointly with the FBI, the IRS, and the Eastern District of California United States Attorney, Anna led the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division’s team in the prosecution of a California tomato processing company and its managers for a wide range of fraud and economic crimes.  The CEO pleaded guilty to racketeering and price fixing and was sentenced to six years in prison.  Ten others also pleaded guilty.


As Assistant Chief of the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division San Francisco Office, Anna was responsible for managing a unit of 25 attorneys and 10 support staff.  She was involved in all aspects of management, including training, staffing, personnel issues, and budgeting. Anna travelled monthly to Washington, DC for a nine-month leadership training program administered by the Department of Justice, and worked closely with a personal executive coach to hone her management skills.  

Anna has extensive experience leading trial and investigative teams. Anna has worked closely with various components of the federal and state criminal justice systems, including the FBI, United States Probation, and the California Attorney General’s office.

“I worked with Anna for years at the Department of Justice, including working on a complex multi-week trial that Anna led. Anna is a strategic thinker and a talented writer. She is calm under pressure and resilient in the face of adversity. Anna is principled, fair, and pragmatic – qualities that I believe would make her an excellent District Attorney.”

– Former Prosecutor, United States Department of Justice



Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018

Anna serves on the Board of the Marin County Bar Association.  She is a member of Marin County Women Lawyers, Association of Latino Marin Attorneys (ALMA), American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, and the American Constitution Society.  She also serves on the steering committee of the Marin Coalition to End Human Trafficking.

Anna has represented District 3 (Southern Marin) on the Marin Women’s Commission for five years.  She served two years as Chair and one year as Vice-Chair.  Under her leadership, MWC engaged in a year-long effort to combat human trafficking.  MWC’s work resulted in the creation of the Marin Coalition to End Human Trafficking. In addition, MWC organizes the successful Marin Teen Girl Conference, an annual event of empowering workshops for teen girls.

Anna also serves as a volunteer judge on Youth Court.  Youth Court is a restorative justice program.  It aims to end the school-to-prison pipeline by keeping kids in school and out of the traditional criminal justice system.

Anna served on the board of the Tam Valley Elementary School PTA for seven years.  She filled various roles including Auditor, Parliamentarian, and Vice President of Membership.

In 2015, Anna graduated from Emerge, a program that trains women to run for office.  Anna credits Emerge with providing her with the education, network, and confidence to enter her first bid for electoral office — Marin County District Attorney in 2018.


In 2014, Anna returned to her alma mater, Berkeley Law, as an adjunct professor. Anna and a colleague from the Department of Justice developed an advanced seminar for students interested in the practice of white collar criminal law. The popular and innovative course incorporates both legal theory and practical skills. Before teaching at Berkeley, Anna taught an Antitrust course at University of California, Hastings School of Law.

While serving on the board of the American Constitution Society, Anna founded a program called Constitution in the Classroom in the Bay Area. CITC brings lawyer volunteers into schools to teach lessons on the Constitution. She started the program in San Francisco, the East Bay, and Marin. In Marin, Anna teaches the Constitution at MLK Academy in Marin City. Click here to read the MarinIJ story!

“This gives them a real-world connection to see an actual lawyer, and to hear things we are learning in class. It makes an impression to have a lawyer talk about the law.” – Kayla Zeisler, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018


Sixta and Irma in NYC apartment | Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018

Anna comes from a multi-cultural background.  Anna grew up sharing a bedroom with her maternal grandmother, Sixta, one of ten children born to a farming family in the mountains of Puerto Rico.  Because of economic hardships, Sixta’s parents took her out of school when she was ten and sent her to work as a house servant. In 1952, in search of a better life for her and her three children, Sixta immigrated to New York City.  She had no husband, no education, and knew no English, but she was determined. She worked three jobs; sewing rhinestones on clothes, cutting silk flowers, and selling Avon products. Sixta eventually joined the garment workers’ union, which paid her a living wage plus benefits.  She was able to rent an apartment and start the family’s journey out of poverty. Anna’s mother, Irma, was Sixta’s youngest child and only daughter.

Anna’s father’s family traces its roots to John Hart, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Anna’s  paternal grandfather, Cliff, joined the Marines at age 18 and spent a career in the military. He fought in in the Pacific Theater during World War II, while his wife, Helen, raised their five children in San Diego, California. After retiring from the Marines, he joined the United States Postal Service and served as a carrier for 15 years.  Anna’s father, Glenn, was their oldest son.

Anna’s parents met at a church in Los Angeles and eventually settled in the Boston suburb of Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Irma found a job as a secretary at Wellesley College. She recently retired after 38 years, during which she served as the college’s Latina Advisor and Director of Recruiting.  Glenn learned the craft of a dental technician — making crowns, bridges, and false teeth – and opened a solo dental laboratory. Sixta dedicated herself to helping care for the children, allowing them to both work full-time.

Cliff and Helen Tryon | Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018
Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018

Anna’s parents never graduated from college, but they always valued education and open-mindedness.  When Anna was admitted to Yale, it was a family achievement, paving the way for both her brother and sister, who also attended the University.

After Yale, Anna worked as an investment banking analyst at JPMorganChase on Wall Street and, later, in Los Angeles.  At the bank, she worked long hours, learning the basics of finance and earning money to pay off her student loans.

Anna always felt a sense of responsibility to give back to her community, a duty to serve the country that has truly been a land of opportunity for her parents and grandparents.  She left the bank to pursue a career in public service. Now she finds herself with the skills, knowledge, and passion that will allow her to listen to the voices of all Marin County in the role of District Attorney.


Anna and her husband, Steve, met at Yale.  Steve is a physician at the University of California, San Francisco.  The couple have been married for 20 years and have three children, ages 18, 14, and 10.  Anna can often be found on the sidelines of a youth soccer game, in the stands at the baseball or softball field, or working the computer desk at a kids’ swim meet.  Anna has coached her daughter’s softball and soccer teams and was a girl scout co-op troop leader.

Anna’s devotion to youth sports comes from her own experience as an athlete.  At Yale, Anna earned a spot on the varsity softball team. Her freshman year, the team won the Ivy League championship. A knee injury cut her softball career short, but Anna continues her love of sports. She enjoys Marin’s natural beauty and open space and takes every opportunity to get out for a mountain bike ride or trail run.

Anna and Steve enjoy riding their tandem bicycle and have ridden in the Marin Century three times.  They were also the first tandem team to complete “La Vuelta,” a 375-mile, 3-day ride circumnavigating the island of Puerto Rico.

Anna Pletcher and Family | Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018
Vuelta Tandem | Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney 2018