Anna talks issues

Help for sexual assault victims


bring rape kits to marin


Ensure justice for victims of sexual assault

Anna’s top priority is to ensure justice for victims by bringing rape kit exams back to Marin County. Outsourcing these exams to Vallejo is traumatic for victims, it undermines prosecutions by making it harder to collect evidence, and it will end when Anna is elected District Attorney.

Tackle domestic violence

Anna is committed to stopping crimes that impact women and families, including domestic violence, the most prevalent violent crime in Marin County. Anna will improve coordination between law enforcement and victim service providers. And Anna will enforce gun safety laws to remove firearms from domestic abusers.

Innovate victims services

Today in Marin County, victims of family violence must navigate a series of disconnected support services across dozens of locations. Anna’s vision is to launch an innovative Family Justice Center to provide help and hope to survivors and their families. This one-stop service center connects survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder and child abuse to the services they need to heal and pursue justice, including counselors, therapists, daycare, employment services, and more.


Reform our unjust and unsafe cash bail system

Poverty should never result in a jail sentence. Anna is the only candidate committed to reforming our unjust cash bail system. A court’s decision to jail a suspect should be based on the danger they pose to the public and themselves and their risk of flight—not on their ability to pay.

Expand restorative justice

Anna will create a robust diversion system and expand Marin’s restorative justice options. Diversion and restorative programs, such as Marin’s STAR court, Drug Court, and Youth Court,  make our community safer by holding offenders accountable in a compassionate and effective manner outside of the traditional criminal justice system. They also save taxpayer resources by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation and drastically reducing recidivism.

Eliminate racial disparities in the criminal justice system, starting with our youth

Anna will work to end the school-to-prison pipeline by ensuring that all Marin’s youth have access to restorative programs. Marin County ranks first in the state in racial inequity, and this is reflected in the criminal justice system. For example, Latino youths are twice more likely and black youths are 14 times more likely to be arrested for curfew violations than white youths in Marin. We must do better to keep all of our students out of the criminal justice system and on track for future success. And we must ensure that our criminal justice system is unbiased and fair for all.


Treat addiction and mental illness

Anna will work to break the cycle of mental illness, homelessness, and the criminal justice system by investing in prevention and diversion. Not only are smart reforms like coordinated care and diversion programs more compassionate, they make us safer, and they save tax dollars and community resources by lowering recidivism and incarceration costs.

Protect our schools

Anna will enforce smart gun safety measures that make our schools safer. We must expand “red flag” laws so that school administrators can temporarily stop at-risk students from purchasing a firearm. And we must expand mental health wellness centers to every public high school in Marin to provide free, confidential mental health services to students before they reach a crisis point.

Lead on the environment

As your District Attorney, Anna will fight for a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Our current DA’s office has been virtually absent for decades on every major environmental prosecution in recent years. Under Anna’s leadership, the Marin DA’s office will collaborate with regional partners to hold toxic polluters accountable. Anna will improve the office’s accessibility to report environmental concerns and raise environmental justice as a public priority. Anna is proudly endorsed by the Sierra Club and environmental leaders across Marin.

Stand with immigrants

Under the recent immigration crackdowns, our immigrant community has retreated into the shadows, which has had a negative impact on our public safety. Reports of domestic violence to law enforcement plummeted after the change in administration last year, but not because domestic violence stopped. When witnesses refuse to testify in court out of fear of being deported, perpetrators are left at large. When parents are afraid to take their children to the doctor or to the food pantry or even to drop them off at school, families are less safe. As Marin’s first Latina DA, Anna will work to rebuild trust between law enforcement and our immigrant communities.