LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | October 16, 2018

Marin voters should read the whole Marin IJ editorial (Oct. 7) about who it’s endorsing for Marin County district attorney (Lori Frugoli) — and then make up their own minds about who’s the better candidate.

Anna Pletcher, it says, has an “impressive” resume. She’s prosecuted “bank robbers, gang members, and drug dealers” and has years of experience as a federal prosecutor “working on criminal prosecutions involving complex financial crimes.”

In fact, she’s so good that the Marin IJ thinks she should consider a run for Marin County Board of Supervisors — and be Lori Frugoli’s boss.

Sounds to me like the Marin IJ just made a convincing case for voting for Anna Pletcher for Marin County district attorney.
It’s time for a change. Justice and public safety demand it. That’s why I’m voting for Anna Pletcher.

— Steven Katz, Fairfax