The IJ reported that Marin district attorney candidate Anna Pletcher will be allowed to keep a reference in her candidate statement to perhaps the county’s most prized endorsement: that of the Marin County Democratic Party.

Ms. Pletcher’s endorsement came under fire following a challenge from her opponent Lori Frugoli’s campaign manager. That campaign claims that “Lori is a proud Democrat.” But Frugoli has shown no interest in the party or in progressive issues, and she refuses to offer any proof that she is, in fact, a Democrat. In contrast, Anna Pletcher has written and spoken widely before Marin County voters about her record of progressive, restorative approach to criminal justice.

The district attorney’s race is important: The person elected will set policy for criminal justice in Marin County for years to come. I urge you to elect Anna Pletcher, the candidate who truly reflects the progressive values of our county.

— Eleanore Despina, Point Reyes Station