Marin County Superior Court Roy Judge Chernus properly ruled that Anna Pletcher, the district attorney candidate endorsed by the Marin County Democratic Party, can tell voters about that Democratic Party endorsement (IJ, Aug. 30). What’s surprising is that the campaign of her opponent, Lori Frugoli, tried to keep this information from voters and pressured the registrar of voters to suppress it.

This November, Marin voters have a choice between two very different candidates for district attorney: Support Anna Pletcher, a progressive with fresh perspectives endorsed by the Marin Democratic Party and scores of progressive Democratic officials and leaders; or Lori Frugoli, the establishment’s law-and-order candidate who will maintain the status quo and is supported by police unions. Marin County voters should elect Anna Pletcher, the DA candidate who reflects their values, including standing up to ICE, supporting women and defending the environment.

— Frank Z. Leidman, Mill Valley;
past president, Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Northern California