LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | October 3, 2018 —

Thank you for recognizing that Dick Spotswood’s Sept. 22 column regarding the Marin district attorney’s race contained multiple errors. Although you appropriately acknowledged and corrected some of his errors, the column still contains Mr. Spotwood’s assertion that D.A. candidate Anna Pletcher’s experience was limited to “civil anti-trust matters.” Mr. Spotswood “score[d] one point” for Ms. Frugoli’s candidacy because, supposedly, she had “real-world” experience prosecuting criminal cases.

Let’s be clear on something. Anna Pletcher has real world experience prosecuting real criminal cases. I know, because she prosecuted one of my clients, and he went to jail. I know that numerous, other criminal defendants prosecuted by Anna Pletcher have gone to jail, too. Moreover, I know that Anna Pletcher has gone toe-to-toe with some of the most experienced, best known and well-paid criminal defense attorneys in the state, and that she has prevailed. So, Mr. Spotswood’s statement that that Anna Pletcher lacks “real world” experience prosecuting criminal cases is just plain wrong.

Even though we were adversaries, I have great respect for Anna Pletcher’s work as a trial attorney and prosecutor. I think that the Marin County District Attorney’s Office would benefit greatly from an infusion of new leadership. Anna Pletcher is a highly qualified, “real-world” prosecutor who can bring that leadership.

— Ed Sangster, Novato