LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | October 10, 2018 —

Anna Pletcher is probably the most qualified candidate for district attorney that Marin has ever had. Her education at Yale and Berkeley, her professional experience and training as an assistant chief in the Department of Justice’s San Francisco office, her leadership and involvement in many community organizations and issues countywide, and her search for best practices throughout the Bay Area and the state are well beyond what we are used to.

Her values are those of the majority of Marin voters, as shown by endorsements from the Marin Democratic Party, the Sierra Club and the Marin Women’s PAC along with many other civic organizations and people.

The D.A.’s job is primarily to manage the office, including the team of prosecutors, to set the priorities and tone for the office, and to represent the office to the public and to government. The D.A.’s team has 26 prosecutors plus support staff and a budget of about $16 million. The team’s size and budget are almost identical to her team in San Francisco.

Pletcher is a smart, experienced, successful and well-trained federal prosecutor and manager. She is the D.A. that we deserve, and the time is right for her perspective, ideas and leadership.

— Pamela Meigs, Fairfax