Anna Pletcher earns voter support the honest way. She offers fresh ideas on pressing issues, and she lets her accomplishments speak for themselves. Unlike her opponent Lori Frugoli, she doesn’t pay $20,000-plus to appear in slate mailers, like the California Senior Voters Guide.

I can speak firsthand to Anna’s leadership capability. I represented District 4 on the Marin Women’s Commission when Anna served as chair. She led us deep into the weeds to improve our operational effectiveness, and she inspired us to aim high in taking on impactful projects.

For example, Anna helped conceive and execute Money Matters, a new effort to address the unique economic security concerns of older women. She helped us win the support of county representatives, forge collaboration with the Marin County Commission on Aging and incorporate Money Matters into the county’s Aging Action Initiative. Then Anna rolled up her sleeves to ensure the success of our workshops on housing, employment and financial literacy.

Anna thinks big and makes change happen. I’m proud to endorse her.

— Diane Krantz, Mill Valley