LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | June 1, 2018 —

I write in support of Anna Pletcher for district attorney and to dispute Dick Spotswood’s column (May 22) on the DA race.

I have practiced law for over 25 years in federal, state and tribal courts. I also serve as a tribal court judge. In my experience, the most important qualification for a good tribal prosecutor is the same as for a good district attorney — management experience. The boss needs to know how to manage people.

Anna served as assistant chief of her office at the Department of Justice, where she managed a team of 25 attorneys. She received management training from the Department of Justice. While I’m sure all three candidates are fine people, Anna is the only attorney in the race who has managed an office of attorneys. We are electing her to lead an office and set policy; not to try criminal cases.

I also disagree with Mr. Spotswood on bail reform. The majority of criminal defendants are poor. They cannot afford to post cash bail. As a result, they sit in jail awaiting trial even if they are innocent. Or, some plead guilty just to get out of jail even if they did not do the crime. This is unfair and primarily discriminates against poorer minority populations who cannot buy their way out on cash bail. There are proven ways to ensure defendants come to court other than cash bail. Anna Pletcher is committed to reforming our unjust cash bail system. Please vote for Anna Pletcher.

— Thomas Weathers, San Rafael