LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | October 16, 2018 —

In a recent article about experience in the Marin D.A.’s race, candidate Lori Frugoli acknowledged the obvious, that the office needs change. After 80 years of insiders running the office, there is no transparency and no public accountability. Frugoli goes on to say, “I’m here to change it. … That is why I put it in my platform.”

That is not good enough. Ms. Frugoli has worked in the office for 28 years. If she were a leader who is serious about change, she would be describing the changes she has enacted, not a theoretical platform.

Anna Pletcher will bring a fresh perspective to the D.A.’s office. She brings much-needed management experience and articulates a compelling vision for safety and justice. She is clearly the best-suited candidate to drive the change needed at the Marin County D.A.’s office.

— Lara Starr, San Anselmo
— Maya Butterfield, Fairfax
Solidarity Sundays — Marin